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FOC Spotlight for 8/26/2019

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FOC Spotlight for 8/26/2019
Next week we have a few interesting books on FOC. Two of the books have potential first appearances. We have single copies and five packs listed for each title.
HARLEEN #1 - Kind of an origin story of Harley Quinn. Some of these types of DC books will heat up as demand can outpace supply. I can't say for sure what will happen but the book does look interesting. Also Harley is very popular as you will soon see on our next Jeehyung Lee cover!
AERO #3 - Per the creative team a new Filipino superhero appears in this issue.
SPIDER-MAN #1 - A new Spider-Man series written by movie director and writer J. J. Abrams. This issue contains the first appearance of a new Spider-Man villain. I have a cover coming featuring the new bad guy!
NEW MUTANTS WAR CHILDREN #1 - Written by Chris Claremont and art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Anything with X-Men is hot at the moment. And the interior art by Bill S should be amazing. And a whopping 72 pages.....

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