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(W) Cantwell, Christopher (A) Unzueta, Angel (C) Ross, Alex
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Tony Stark has worked hard to pull himself up by his iron bootstraps- and after a few detours- he finally tracks down his old friend and employee Vic Martinelli…only to find he's arrived too late and Vic's been murdered. Before a guilt-ridden Tony can get a bead on why- he's attacked by Vic's assailant…THE TITANIUM MAN. In the battle- he learns the sinister plot goes deeper. The Titanium Man is working for those even more mysterious- and Vic was killed because he'd gotten possession of THE MANDARIN'S RINGS. Tony flies overseas to Asia and headlong into a cloak of conspiracy- hell-bent on tracking down the rings of his most fearsome adversary- desperate to stop them from falling into the wrong hands. But at what cost? What is Tony Stark willing to sacrifice in order to stop the Mandarin's power returning- wielded by the hands of a new - and possibly unsuspecting - acolyte? Iron Man is about to go hard. He's about to buddy up with criminals. And he's about to go…stealth. RATED T+

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