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(W) Shand, Patrick (A) Zanier, Christian (C) Camilo, Renato
StockID: 43087 Diamond#: JUN171371

The girls are back- and this time they brought Ember to turn up the heat! Our two most fan-requested titles return- now in one super-smoking series! As the Lookers- Tanya and Michelle- decide to turn their troll-busting hobby into a business- they land one heck of a client - the supermodel-turned-superhero Ember! From webcam girls to super spies- this will be a crazy ride from writer Pat Shand and artist Gabriel Andrade! But this ongoing series gets better - each issue has an Ember solo story as well- written and drawn by Christian Zanier! Available with these sexy covers: Regular- Red Hot- Webcam- Webcam Bikini- and Wraparound by Christian Zanier- Workout and GGA Homage by Renato Camilo- Sexy Spies by Raulo Caceres- and Luscious by Matt Martin. For the erotic cover art collectors we offer: Nude- Adult- Red Hot Nude- Webcam Topless- Webcam Nude- Webcam Adult- Webcam Adult Extreme - Wraparound Nude- Threesome Adult- Threesome Adult Extreme by Christian Zanier- Workout Nude and GGA Homage Nude by Renato Camilo- Sexy Spies Nude by Raulo Caceres- and Luscious Nude- Luscious Adult by Matt Martin. To see the uncensored nude and adult covers- please visit

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