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01/12/2022 NYX #3 CVR D MATTEONI

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(W) Gage, Christos (A) Borstel, Marc (C) Matteoni, Giuseppe
StockID: 23421 Diamond#: NOV210623

Nyx once killed Vampirella. More recently- they were tenuous allies. When their paths cross again- will it be as friends- enemies- somewhere in between- or all the above? How does Vampirella fit into Nyx's quest to learn how to live among humanity without harming them- when it's something Vampirella herself has never quite mastered? It could all become moot when old-school Vampirella foes the Cult of Chaos return seeking vengeance- both on Vampi and the disloyal daughter of Chaos who has rejected their mad god. (That's Nyx- FYI.) One thing's for sure - fangs- fists- and flame will fly!

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