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Frankie's Listing Tool

What is Frankie's Listing Tool?

Our listing tool is an application that runs from the cloud in your browser, and provides access to the Diamond Previews catalog in ways that had only been available to companies with in-house IT departments. We put an easy-to-use program over a database of the Diamond products. We maintain the data with every new catalog release and ensure that it is available well before the printed catalog. You never have to worry about having the most current information.

With the listing tool you are able to view and filter the products in many ways to find just the items you need. You are then able to export those items for upload into eBay, Amazon, Go Daddy or Shopify. The application allows you to set export options specific to each service to support even the smallest of details. Once the items have been exported and downloaded you are then able to upload them to the chosen service in minutes. Your new listings are online and ready to be sold.

What else can it do?

  • Automatically uses high-resolution images when published.
  • Automatically includes solicitation verbiage in the listing title.
  • Search database by any word or phrase.
  • Create listings by catalog, category or Final Order Cutoff (FOC) date.
  • Create listings for comics with more than one cover using all covers in a single listing and picture
  • List hundreds of items in minutes!

To see Frankie's Listing tool in action check out the YouTube videos below:

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